Connect with our Innovative Translational and Clinical Development informatics solutions during BioIT World’15 Week


As a top company in providing IT solutions for Life Sciences, we will be again attending the BioIT World Conference and Expo, the premier industry event.  This year we will demonstrate how our most innovative informatics technologies leverage research and clinical data and transform it into actionable insights, to advance molecular medicine faster for a better health and safety of people. 

Want to know even more? During Bio-IT World Week we will be hosting a Clinical and Translational Day at Cambridge Innovation Center - Cambridge, MA for all you who want to meet with us and hear the latest news on our solutions for Translational Medicine and Clinical Development. Be one of the first to learn about what is coming!

We are looking forward to welcome you at one of our activities happening during BioIT World’15 in Boston April 21-23rd!

Translational and Clinical Day

When: Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Where: Cambridge Innovation Center - Kendall Square - Havana Room. One Broadway, 14th floor Cambridge, MA 02142

There are great things happening in the Translational/Clinical space at PerkinElmer and we would like to share them with you. If you want to be the first in learning the new trends in informatics solutions to transform biological data into clinical development, join our pre-conference event on innovative Translational and Clinical Development informatics solutions in Cambridge, MA.

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Presentation: Integrating Data is the Key to Translational Research and the Future of Personalized Medicine Personalized Medicine

When: Wednesday, April 22nd, 12:00 EST

Where: Track 6 - Clinical & Translational Informatics

Presented by Jens Hoefkens, Director Research Strategic Marketing Manager, PerkinElmer

Hoefkens will discuss how PerkinElmer’s tools, platforms, and methodology can generate, analyze, visualize and store data to support advances in translational medicine research.  PerkinElmer integrates high-content data with clinical observations to enable its customers to derive and test unique hypotheses. 

Check the program here! 

Solution Showcase and Networking Opportunities

When: April 21st - 23rd

Where: BioIT World’15 Expo, Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA

We will highlight our life science and clinical research analytics applications in this year’s BioIT World Expo. Come by the PerkinElmer booth #210 and see our end to end solutions to visualize, analyze, and integrate research and clinical data that enable breakthroughs in translational medicine research.

If you would like to arrange a meeting, contact us today!

The products that we will showcase at BioIT World’15 this year will be:

TIBCO Spotfire® Platform: a collaborative interface assimilating data types such as chemical structures, text, numbers, images, chemical properties and biological assays from multiple sources.  It helps scientists perform complex analyses and develop easy-to-use visual dashboards.  Researchers can create enhanced data visualizations quickly and efficiently from the data of one or multiple instruments.  

    - For clinical research and development applications, the TIBCO Spotfire® software platform enables clinical research team members to build robust analytic solutions using data from multiple disparate clinical development systems, without delays and the strain on biostatistics and IT resources.

    - For translational medicine applications, the TIBCO Spotfire® software platform enables the integration, analysis and visualization of biological and clinical data to transform traditional research into translational medicine.

OmicsOffice® software: helps scientists enhance functional and biological discovery from genomics studies, offering workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray and NGS data analysis, integration and validation.

High Content Profiler™ software: a single, automated platform to perform the entire screening analysis, helping scientists to overcome data analysis challenges and move confidently to the next phase of gene targeting or drug discovery.  

Lead Discovery software: powered by the TIBCO Spotfire® platform, this application helps chemists visualize and explore complex data and structure-activity relationships through chemical structure viewing and filtering, R-group decomposition, clustering by chemical structure, chemical property calculations, and substructure searching.

Join PerkinElmer at #ACS249 Denver and celebrate 30 years of ChemDraw®


We're gearing up for the 249th American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting on March 22-26 in Denver, Colorado. This year marks the 30th anniversary of ChemDraw, the world’s leading chemical drawing tool.  Come by our booth #1106 and to our talk to learn about the latest tools for chemists.

At ACS249 we will be hosting these activities:

Talk: Mining Electronic Lab Notebooks for Synthetic Gems

Date & Time: Sunday, March 22, 2015 | 11:20 AM - 11:45 AM

Place: Room 110 - Colorado Convention Center

Presenter: Joshua A. Bishop, PhD., Product Manager, Cheminformatics. This talk is about optimizing reaction conditions by using E-Notebook-based screening tools, followed by queries of results with Datalytix® and Lead Discovery, powered by TIBCO Spotfire.

Solution Showcase and Networking Opportunities

Come visit PerkinElmer at booth #1106 and learn more the latest version of ChemDraw (now with access to SciFinder), as well as other mobile, visualization, and electronic tools for chemists. See below.

ChemDraw® + SciFinder®

ChemDraw is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!  Learn how much the #1 drawing tool for chemists has evolved -- from a desktop product in 1985 to now being embedded in our cloud-based collaboration platform Elements, within our E-Notebook, within the visual analytics platform Spotfire (Lead Discovery , powered by TIBCO Spotfire),  and as a mobile product on the iPad.  Learn about ChemDraw’s “flick-to-share” technology to facilitate easy drawing of structures anywhere and how to utilize mobile technology in the classroom. See how chemists now have access to SciFinder within ChemDraw, providing easy access to searching.

Collaborating in the Cloud - Elements

Preview Elements - our cloud-based electronic lab notebook.  Join us as we demonstrate how to capture experiments, write out chemical reactions, upload images, organize data and share research with colleagues. Check out a preview video here. 

PerkinElmer E-Notebook

See how our E-Notebook has helped chemists and biologists, across multiple industries.  Learn how to quickly record experiments, draw out chemical reactions with ChemDraw, upload documents, integrate with Microsoft Office, protect intellectual property, organize data, and share research with colleagues.

Lead Discovery, Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®

Come learn how Lead Discovery, powered by TIBCO Spotfire® helps chemists visualize complex chemical data. Learn about chemical structure viewing and filtering, R-group decomposition, clustering by chemical structure, chemical property calculators, substructure searching, and auto detection of structure formats on import. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1- This depicts chemical structure viewing using ChemDraw files and filtering using trusted similarity and substructure algorithms. You can align all structures in a dataset to a chosen scaffold or tag data based on chemical attributes. 

Connect your Data and Connect with us at Molecular Med Tri•Con 2015


At PerkinElmer we are taking action to provide the best solutions to advance molecular medicine for a better health and for the safety of people. We deliver a comprehensive suite of scientific informatics and software solutions to help scientists working in Drug Discovery, Genomics, Diagnostics and Scientific Information Technology to aggregate, search, mine, analyze and visualize critical data to help turn data into actionable insights in an automated, predictive and scalable way.

This is why we are excited to be a part of Molecular Medicine Tri-Con, from February 15-20, 2015 in San Francisco, and present our latest informatics solutions developed to enable clinical and translational researchers to drive change and shape the future of medicine.

At Molecular Med Tri•Con2015 we are hosting the following activities:

Luncheon talk: Integrating Data is the Key to Translational Research and the Future of Personalized Medicine Personalized Medicine

Presented by Daniel Weaver, Sr. Product Manager, Translational Medicine Informatics, PerkinElmer

February 16th, 1:45-2:15 PM PST

Emerging technologies are driving Translational Medicine research and PerkinElmer is developing tools, platforms, and algorithms to generate, analyze, visualize and store those data.  This talk will describe how we integrate high-content data with clinical observations to enable our customers to derive and test unique hypotheses. Review the talk here.

Solution Showcase and Networking Opportunities:

PerkinElmer will highlight our life science and clinical research analytics applications. Come by the PerkinElmer booth #432 and see our end to end solutions to go from data capture to meaningful insight. Contact us today if you would like to arrange a meeting.

The products that we will showcase at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference this year will be:

TIBCO Spotfire® analytics software: provides data visualization and advanced analytics to integrate research with clinical outcomes in translational medicine 

 TIBCO Spotfire® for Clinical Development: enables clinical development team members to build robust analytic solutions using data from multiple disparate clinical development systems, without delays and the strain on biostatistics and IT resources.

 OmicsOffice® software: helps scientists enhance functional and biological discovery from genomics studies, offering workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray and NGS data analysis, integration and validation. 

 PerkinElmer’s GEO and TranSMART connectors for TIBCO Spotfire®: save hours of data manipulation by automatically pulling your tranSMART & GEO data into Spotfire and take advantage of the best-in-class visual data analytics platform. 

Empowering your Research using Elements: Review by Chemjobber

“Republished without modification and  with the permission of Chemjobber”

Electronic lab notebooks have already penetrated most larger scientific organizations, industrial or academic. Smaller companies or universities may not have the institutional support to offer a standard electronic notebook format.

Towards that end, PerkinElmer Informatics has come up with Elements, a simple cloud-based electronic notebook/project space that can be used to write up any scientific experiment in a collaborative, real-time format. Your coworkers can see what you're up to and you can see what your collaborators are doing as well.

While Elements is aimed at all scientists, I've approached this from the perspective of a bench chemist. PerkinElmer being the owners of ChemDraw, Elements contains a HTML5 version of the program. Click a few buttons, and you can use the in-notebook format to start drawing up your reaction. As you're drawing your experiment in the page, Elements automatically populates the entries in the stoichiometry table. Adjusting reagent equivalents is simple; the program will adjust the masses accordingly.

The "quick add" line is helpful, assuming the database has your reagent. Phenylalanine, THF, BF3-etherate -- not a problem. Sodium borohydride and borane-dimethylsulfide? Not so much. Even then, you can use the ChemDraw to draw your reagents in the window and the stoichiometry table will update itself.

There's lots of different files that you can add to your virtual notebook page. You can include PDFs (NMRs and HPLC traces, anyone?). There is, of course, a section for you to write out your results and conclusions as well. I've tried out Elements on my work computer, my home laptop as well as my not-so-modern iPad and they all work fine. (I don't know if anyone is actually using iPads in the lab yet). 

I would recommend Elements to any small organization that is looking to transition to electronic notebooks and is exploring different options; it's familiar and simple, which is a nice combination. Try a Free Trial here! 

Go to the Source of Spotfire® in Science with PerkinElmer at TIBCO NOW

The Life Science industry is one of the most disrupted by rapid technologic change every day. To stay ahead of the competition, scientific informatics are essential to allow the use of data from multiple, divergent sources to drive accelerated, informed decisions – efficiently, economically and in real time.

TIBCO NOW is the leading technology conference focused on exploring the technology disruption happening today, and how enterprises can adapt and win in an age of rapid change. To discuss these trends in Life Science and Clinical markets, PerkinElmer is bringing together industry leaders, as a marquee sponsor of TIBCO NOW. We will showcase our market leading analytics solutions powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, to speed up the Discovery Cycle, leverage the full potential of High Content and High Throughput Screening experiments, enable effective Translational Science and maximize the efficiency of Clinical Trials.

In addition, we are hosting the following top notice speakers and activities:

  • Analytics Now Keynote: How Spotfire paved the way to optimize Clinical Trials at Parexel
Presented by Naresh Khamesra from Parexel
PAREXEL increased productivity and quality of Clinical Trials by providing intuitive Spotfire data discovery tools to access and interpret historical Site performance. This resulted in faster; better decisions and evidence based selection of high quality sites and provided optimized scenarios. 

  • Breakout sessions- Hear Direct from Spotfire Users how their businesses were impacted!
PerkinElmer will host 4 customer presentations illustrating how the right tools can help you overcome your biggest challenges throughout the various areas in Life Science and Clinical Research. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the latest trends and best practices from real customers and experts in pharma, biotech and clinical research.

Jennifer Van Camp, Ph.D.  AbbVie: Small Molecule Discovery Data Packages Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®
Phil Ross, BMS: Visual Exploration of Clinical Data for Safety Monitoring
Joseph Dustin,  Medidata: Mobile Health, Big Data and Clinical Trials
Dana Nojima,  Amgen: Streamlining Phenotypic Image Screens with HC Profiler

  • Hand-on sessions and Solution Showcase -  ask our experts!
PerkinElmer will present its analytics tools and applications in life science and clinical research. Come by the PerkinElmer booth to see our end to end solutions from data capture to insight, with market leading scientific instruments connected directly to Spotfire.

We will also host 2 Hand-on sessions to show how to Unlock your Scientific Data Visually for Life Science Research and Clinical & Translational.

  • Networking Opportunities
Analytics NOW attracts leaders from Pharma, Biotech Research, and Development/Clinical, not to mention the top PerkinElmer Informatics Executives With plenty of networking opportunities, there will be no shortage of interesting people to talk with. Contact us today if you would like to arrange a meeting.

PerkinElmer Informatics at Booth #1316 at Fall ACS - San Francisco

PerkinElmer is excited to be a part of the Fall 2014 American Chemical Society (ACS) Conference in San Francisco from August 10-14.  PerkinElmer has 2 booths across from each other (#1316 & #1317), and 8 total talks, with 3 of the talks in the field of informatics. 


PerkinElmer will showcase 4 informatics products, that all have ChemDraw® embedded in them for easy chemical structure and reaction drawing.The 4 products are:

  1. ChemDraw version 14 with a direct link to Scifinder®
  2. Elements, the new cloud-based electronic lab notebook
  3. TIBCO Spotfire® for Lead Discovery for chemists
  4. PerkinElmer thick-client electronic lab notebook (E-Notebook).



-ChemDraw version 14, now with a direct link to SciFinder and ChemDraw for iPad®

In May, PerkinElmer launched ChemBioOffice® version 14, an integrated suite of personal productivity tools that enables chemists and biologists to capture, store, retrieve, and share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials, and their properties. ChemBioDraw now has a direct link to SciFinder®, which allows scientists to launch a literature search within the application, without time-consuming cutting and pasting of structures between different chemical and drawing tools.


ChemDraw® for iPad® provides all of the tools that scientists need to capture and share chemical inspiration and innovation- whenever and wherever. Scientists can quickly sketch a new scaffold, a synthetic pathway, or a compound, and share them with colleagues. ChemDraw for iPad features the revolutionary Flick-To-Share technology so that researchers, students, and teachers can immediately use their finger to “flick” chemical drawings to other iPad users within their network and receive modified structures back.


  • ACS TALK #378Technology will challenge the existing paradigm for teaching organic chemistry; 3-D printing, tablets, & gamification in Boston University’s Spring CH212.” Learn more about ChemDraw version 14 on August 12 at 11:35 AM in the Moscone Center North Building, Room 122. 



-Elements: a new Cloud-based electronic lab notebook from PerkinElmer

Elements is a zero-install, cloud-based electronic lab notebook delivered through a web browser that empowers scientists to easily capture scientific data, collaborate with colleagues, and search results and observations easily.  Elements has a modern user interface, is cost-effective, and has ChemDraw embedded for drawing chemical structures and calculating stoichiometry.


  • ACS TALK #412 Using a scientific collaboration platform, Elements, in teaching organic chemistry.” Learn more about our cloud-based electronic lab notebook Elements on August 12 at 3:05PM at the Moscone Center North Building, Room 122.  Dr. Layne Morsch from The University of Illinois Springfield will outline the university’s experience with Elements, as his students have been using Elements in his undergraduate organic chemistry lab for the past few months.



-TIBCO Spotfire® for Lead Discovery for Chemists

Chemists are continually asked to evaluate an increasing number of parameters that include chemical properties, biological assays and ADME results. TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery software provides chemists with the capability to visualize their compound structures, and then group related compounds and associate compound structures to biological activity.  Medicinal chemists can investigate structure activity relationships (SAR) and explore the available compound library, searching by structures chosen from visualizations of available data or structure searches. Computational chemists can visualize and explore chemical scaffolds and compound library motifs in order to improve the design of compound libraries. ChemDraw is embedded in TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery.


  • ACS TALK # 10 Structuring the unstructured: Creating knowledge through visual analytics and the use of TIBCO Spotfire with Attivio for text analytics of scientific patents.” Learn more about TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery on August 10 at 11:35 AM at the Palace Hotel in the Presidio Room



-PerkinElmer E-Notebook for Chemistry

E-Notebook for Chemistry meets the needs of research chemists in all industries, enhancing personal productivity and improving data quality, while also protecting intellectual property and creating a sharable archive to foster collaboration and innovation. ChemBioDraw is embedded in the E-Notebook, which enables chemists to draw reactions and have the E-Notebook automatically calculate specific values.


  • Learn about all of these products at Booth #1316 at ACS.

DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting: Celebrate the Past - Invent the Future

Join PerkinElmer at the DIA conference in San Diego from June 15-19 at Booth #512. The DIA (Drug Information Association) Conference focuses on clinical research, and brings together scientific professionals involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of medical products. The common goal is to foster innovation that will lead to the development of safe and effective medical products for patients.

Monitor with streamlined reports

Monitor the progress of your clinical trial by using streamlined reports that can help you accelerate your data review process, identify bottlenecks at real-time and address issues timely.

At PerkinElmer, we are striving to help clinical researchers with the visualization, reporting and collaboration of their data through TIBCO Spotfire. TIBCO Spotfire helps researchers with clinical safety review reports, the monitoring of adverse events, mapping clinical research locations, reviewing risk-based monitoring, examining trial operations, and pharmacovigilance.  Please email Nicoleta Economou to schedule a meeting at DIA, or for an on-site meeting and demonstration of TIBCO Spotfire for clinical research at Nicoleta.Economou@PERKINELMER.COM


Click here for more information regarding PerkinElmer Clinical and TIBCO Spotfire. 



Get better and faster insight into data

Get better and faster insight into your medical data to assess early on drug efficacy and safety.



Click here for a full list of 2014 PerkinElmer Informatics Events

Agricultural data visualization: Managing crop production through Spotfire®

Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc

TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization software isn’t just useful to chemists and biologists – it has a wide range of applications including QA/QC and productivity analysis.

For the agricultural industry, TIBCO Spotfire visualizations can help reveal important trends that effect changes to crop production and yields.  Spotfire allows many different variables such as environmental factors, geographic location yield percentage, types of products, seed care data, and insect control information to be brought together in a single platform and analyzed through intuitive visualizations.

For agricultural companies that operate in locations all over the world, Spotfire allows for everyone to access shared data in a single platform, promoting communications throughout the company and allowing coordinators and employees to be involved in the company’s goals.

Especially for companies that have many field-based employees, being able to look at comprehensive, shared-access project progress could be of great value. It would, for example, be much easier to quickly see where and how many acres are the most productive in a certain region, allowing for crop yields to be better understood and managed.

With projections estimating that crop production needs to double in the next decade to keep up with rising demands for food, agricultural productivity is more important than ever. Take a look at this demo we’ve put together – the dashboard was created to analyze corn production. It’s a great example of just how much agricultural insight can be unlocked through the power of data visualization.

ACRP Global Conference: Spotfire demos for clinical research

Come and meet the PerkinElmer team at the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Global Conference and Exhibition, held April 26-29 in San Antonio, Texas!

Visit us at booth #540 and see how to improve the performance of your clinical trial by simplifying data access, integration and analysis with the TIBCO™  Spotfire® platform. We will be demonstrating how you can quickly and easily associate and observe trends in clinical datasets as well as identify issues early on for proactive and responsive decision-making.

Spotfire screen 1: Accelerate the medical and safety review process by bringing adverse event, labs, and concomitant medication data into a single platform.

Spotfire screen 2: Monitor the progress of your clinical trial, identify roadblocks and address issues timely using streamlined reports.

Scientific Showcase: San Jose event to highlight industry applications of Spotfire

Photo Credit: Matteo Bagnoli via Compfight cc


We’re excited to be presenting a Scientific Showcase of how members of the scientific community have been putting the TIBCO Spotfire® visualization and analysis platform to work, discovering more insights and making better decisions in areas such as translational medicine, high content screening, clinical research, gene expression, chemistry and SAR analyses.

The Scientific Showcase will be part of our May 6 all-day Spotfire Day event, to be held in San Jose, California. In addition to the showcase, PerkinElmer Informatics and Spotfire experts will also be presenting strategies and case studies for how data visualization helps analyze and share research.

Showcase presentations will include the following:

Five Prime Therapeutics: A Fully Integrated Informatics Platform for Biologics Based High Throughput Screening

Presenter John Lin, Senior Software Engineer at Five Prime Therapeutics, will present an integrated system for managing informatics workflows and biologics-based screening for high throughput screening campaigns. High throughput screening is a key tool used to help identify lead molecules and targets during drug discovery processes. Lin will discuss how an integrated system, which includes plate management and logistics, assay registration, raw data capture and Spotfire data visualization, analysis and reporting, allows users to quickly turn raw data into scientific knowledge and decisions.

Amgen: Using Spotfire with High Content Imaging in Discovery Research: Quality Control, Data Mining, and Hit Review

With biopharmaceutical companies frequently performing large-scale high content screening efforts to identify genes or pathways that can be manipulated to impact disease progression, researchers need to exercise measures of quality control to make sure that large datasets comprising images and numerical descriptors are resulting in true results, and not results generated from imaging artifacts. Presenter Dr. Christopher Hale, discovery technology scientist at Amgen, will show how the Spotfire platform allows researchers to perform quality control analysis, visualize a more comprehensive view of a gene’s biological function, streamline hit selection, and validate selected phenotypes with rapid image retrieval.

Cytokinetics: Seeing is Believing – “Big Data” Management and Analysis

By using several examples of how data visualization tools can perform quality control and troubleshooting analysis rapidly and efficiently, presenter Dr. Julia Schaletzky, Senior Group Leader at Cytokinetics, will discuss how her group has made the Spotfire platform an integral part of its workflow. Data visualization allows for effective management and analysis of weekly lead optimization assays and for processing hits from large primary screenings.

Merck: An Enhanced Electronic Laboratory Notebook Integrated with Spotfire to Support Biologics Research and Development at Multiple Levels

Merck has transitioned its use of electronic laboratory notebooks from simply being a paper replacement to becoming an integrated platform that provides structure to data and results, carries out LIMS-like capabilities, and enables high-powered search and analytics functions and queries. Presenter Charlie Chang, Business and Technical Analyst at Merck Research Lab IT, will share how Merck is supporting its biologics research and development by leveraging the Spotfire analysis platform to assist in data visualization and aggregation.

It’s not too late to join us on May 6! If you’re interested in attending our complimentary Spotfire Day in San Jose, California, please click here to register.