Inside Informatics: Sparking conversations to progress research

What is the goal of scientific research?

We believe it is to understand how and why things work the way that they do – and the point of figuring that out is to use that knowledge to make lives better. Whether those answers reveal a more efficient way to produce fuel cell catalysts or allow doctors to provide personalized healthcare through genomic medicine, lives are made better through scientific research and discovery.

As a provider of discovery, collaboration, and knowledge enterprise solutions, desktop software and scientific databases to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries, PerkinElmer Informatics strives to improve scientific research to support that end goal of making lives better.

It’s why we bring together innovative minds at our annual Revolutionaries of Global Health Summit to discuss tools, methods and discoveries crucial to eradicating cancer. This year’s summit kicked off Tuesday, October 24, in San Francisco. The keynotes that were given echoed the driving motivation in holding such summits, and were titled “Battling Cancer with All Fury” and “Our Crusade to Revolutionize and Personalize Global Health”.

And the next step in making lives better is to make sure that important conversations keep happening even after summits and conferences come to a close. It’s why we’ve created this blog: to provide an opportunity for open discourse among scientists, researchers, and scientific tool providers.

Inside Informatics will discuss news and topics relevant to scientific industries and will allow PerkinElmer Informatics’ visionary leaders and product developers to share how research breakthroughs can be achieved faster, more efficiently and more effectively through leveraging the right tools and databases.

First up, you can expect to see a post discussing the highlights of the Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit. We hope to share that information with a wider audience through our blog and ignite more conversation and collaboration among scientists.

We invite you to visit our blog to stay updated on what’s going on across scientific research industries, to learn about PerkinElmer Informatics products, and to take away ideas and inspiration to apply to your own research program – to make lives better by finding the answers you seek, no matter what questions you are asking.