ChemBioDraw 13: Best Internet Tutorial Videos

"ChemBioDraw 13: Step By Step" will help users take advantage of the tools and functions

available on ChemBioDraw software through how-to video demonstrations

shared through PerkinElmer Informatics social media channels.


Last week, PerkinElmer Informatics launched a social media series entitled “ChemBioDraw 13: Step By Step”, a how-to video series following the release of the latest software version of ChemBioDraw.

In the spirit of our own tutorial campaign, designed to provide users with opportunities to learn new software skills on ChemBioDraw, we’ve decided to compile a collection of the additional ChemBioDraw how-to videos currently circulating on the internet.

These videos are created by users of ChemBioDraw and can be used as helpful learning tools for students and researchers who seek to create presentation-ready, scientifically-intelligent graphics.

First, check out Part 1 of “ChemBioDraw 13: Step By Step”, released last week: Arrow Pushing Using Electron Pushing Tool

And Part 2 of “ChemBioDraw 13: Step By Step”, released yesterday through the PerkinElmer Informatics Twitter and Facebook pages: Pasting Peptides and Nucleic Acid Sequences into ChemBioDraw

Then, watch the user-created videos that we’ve selected below:

ChemDraw: Drawing Electron Lone Pairs on Lewis Structures

ChemDraw Magic – Draw Viagra in 20 Seconds: Shortcuts to Draw Molecules Faster

Drawing ‘Beautiful’ Catalytic Cycles in ChemDraw

ChemDraw: Make Cool Curved Arrows Using Arrow Tools and Edit Curve Function

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If you're a ChemBioDraw user looking to upgrade to the latest version 13, mark your calendar for Cyber Monday on November 26, when products will be offered at 25% discounts.