Leveraging informatics to improve drug therapy

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Informatics is, in many regards, still an emerging technology that continues to push the envelope and challenge the ever-evolving standard of what is considered cutting-edge.

More than ever before, scientists are using informatics technology to consider larger questions that encompass bigger pictures, such as: how can informatics improve the way chemists produce pharmaceutics?

When it comes to drug therapies, scientists understand how and why side effects might potentially affect patients negatively, but there is not yet a go-to strategy for anticipating side effects that a drug will have on an individual patient.

Informatics will change that – commonalities will be found across genetic subtypes to reveal how different genetic make-ups are impacted by specific drug compounds. In the future, pharmacists will consider the patient’s genomic information when prescribing drug treatments, choosing a therapy that will incur the least damage and most benefit.

In a matter of years, this ideal scenario may be a reality. This past week, researchers at The Scripps Research Institute announced that they had developed a chemical toolkit that will revolutionize the way drug compounds are produced.

The new technology will allow chemists to create hundreds of drug compound variants with drastically increased ease and cost effectiveness. Producing so many variants through such a technological advantage will allow pharmaceutical companies to discover and produce a range of the most effective and safe drug compounds faster and more accurately than before.

Many factors need to come together in order for doctors to be able to provide personalize prescriptions based upon individual genomic identities, but the necessary agents to achieve this goal are already in motion. At PerkinElmer Informatics, we look forward to being an integral entity in moving these initiatives toward reality.

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