Green chemistry made easy: simple configurations for ELN

Simple configurations to electronic laboratory notebooks can help chemists

adhere to ACS green chemistry guidelines. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Horia Varlan.

With the New Year upon us, 2013 brings a renewed opportunity to consider how environmental initiatives and green goals can be applied to scientific research. The practice of green chemistry is to conduct chemical research and engineering with the intention to reduce the creation and use of hazardous chemicals.

For chemists, who are responsible for the creation of compounds that make up the materials and medicines that we rely on to live, it may be of interest to learn that there are many green configuration options available for use on electronic laboratory notebooks.

PerkinElmer Informatics offers several green chemistry options on the E-Notebook for chemistry. These configurations are very easy to set up and can help scientists choose the most environmentally and economically friendly substances and solvents. They are implemented without the use of additional code or programming and are compatible with the green chemistry requirements established by the American Chemical Society.


This screenshot shows some E-Notebook green chemistry configurations in action

Solvent replacement: This configuration will prompt you to consider a list of suggested alternate solvents and will allow you to establish your own list of preferred replacements.

Atom economy: A simple configuration will allow for atom economy to be calculated easily within each experiment.

TRI/PBT reporting: An optional tickbox will allow you to find out which substances are included in the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Persisent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic (PBT) chemical databases.

Click here to learn more about our E-Notebook for chemistry. To speak with technical support staff who can help you easily configure your E-Notebook to include these green chemistry tools, please contact us here. We look forward to contributing to your environmentally-friendly successes this year!