Science and Spotfire®: Customizing the way you interact with data

Photo Credit: Matteo Bagnoli via Compfight cc

Since partnering with TIBCO Software, Inc. in September 2012, PerkinElmer Informatics has been researching and developing solutions to increase the efficacy of using the TIBCO Spotfire® software program with customized scientific informatics applications.

The TIBCO Spotfire software program is a powerful data visualization platform that is used across various industries to revolutionize the way data is analyzed, interpreted and accessed. In scientific research, the TIBCO Spotfire program enhances and complements the use of scientific informatics tools by eliminating the need for back-end programming language to be coded in the informatics system by an IT department.

In addition, the TIBCO Spotfire program allows for data to convene in one centralized, accessible location, without the need for manual copying and pasting of data sets. This centralized process eliminates the risk of transcription errors and joins multiple data sets together for contextual analysis.

Furthermore, data presentation is facilitated in a much more attractive and comprehensive manner. The TIBCO Spotfire platform allows researchers to create dynamic dashboard reports that allow reviewers to interact and manipulate published data, a drastically more scientifically-relevant method than the use of traditional static, 2D reports.

Best yet, the TIBCO Spotfire software platform is highly customizable – and looking ahead to what’s to come in 2013, we’re excited to be planning several scientific applications that will engage the TIBCO Spotfire software program to increase scientific intelligence. The applications, which will work by being installed on top of the TIBCO Spotfire software platform, are being developed based off the recommendations and wish lists of scientific researchers who already use PKI Informatics solutions to improve their data collection and analysis.

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