Gartner report: PKI Informatics “superior” in ELN market

PerkinElmer Informatics received high praise in a recent Gartner report created to

guide manufacturers in their selection of ELN technology.

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The entire PerkinElmer Informatics team is thrilled to learn that our Ensemble® ELN solutions for chemistry, biology and quality assurance and control received superior accolades in last month’s Gartner report on expertise in the ELN industry.

In the report, titled “Manufacturers Must Consider Scientific Domain Expertise During ELN Selection”, Gartner stacked ELN providers against each other to determine which providers exert the most expertise in the implementation of ELN solutions across various scientific disciplines.

PerkinElmer's Ensemble ELN platform achieved the highest ratings scores of “High” or “Very High” in all six scientific and functional domain categories (Biology, Chemistry, Formulation, Engineering, GxP and Translational Medicine).

The PKI Informatics suite of integrated solutions secured its position as industry leader through the 2011 acquisition of informatics “heavy-hitters” ArtusLabs, Labtronics and Cambridgesoft. Most recently, PKI Informatics landed a partnership with the TIBCO Software, Inc., to execute exclusive distribution rights of the TIBCO Spotfire® software platform in R&D and life science markets.

Gartner’s analysis concluded that PKI Informatics holds the largest number of worldwide users in the ELN industry and is the sole ELN vendor that offers a LIMS. The report stated, “[PKI Informatics’] ELNs are highly functional, the real value is in the integration of data into the larger enterprise informatics technologies”, citing that PKI Informatics holds the key to implementing “end-to-end informatics solutions” with “superior capability for analytical instrumentation integration”.

By adding the rights to distribute the TIBCO Spotfire platform to certain customers in the R&D and life science industries, PKI Informatics now critically has the ability to offer highest-quality data visualization capabilities to researchers through direct ELN integration. The visualization component virtually renders all data input accessible to all researchers within an organization, most critically without the need for additional query coding language to be implemented to facilitate comprehensive data analyses.

To read the official PerkinElmer Informatics news release regarding the results of the Gartner report, click here.

Learn about the powerful Ensemble platform capabilities in chemistry, biology and QA/QC organizations by clicking here.

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  • John Snow

    2/12/2013 3:43:30 PM |

    Didn't IDBS and Accelrys also come out "on top", along with a few others ?? Does anyone care what Gartner thinks (since when do they know about translational science !!)