“ChemDraw Wizard” joins PKI Informatics’ applications specialists team

 Photo Credit: anieto2k via Compfight cc

When “ChemDraw Magic: Draw Viagra in 20 seconds” hit the internet in late November 2012, the video’s creator, Pierre Morieux, was searching worldwide for employment after completing his Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences and post-doc research in Medicinal Chemistry.

Morieux, who lives in Paris and is now anecdotally known as the ChemDraw Wizard, has since found employment working for our team at PerkinElmer Informatics as an applications specialist. Not exactly what he had envisioned as his first job after post-doctoral research, yet as fate would have it, a position perfectly well-suited for his background and skill set.

After the wild success of his first ChemDraw Magic video, which attracted 10,000 hits on YouTube in less than 10 days, Morieux reached out to Philip Skinner, a PKI Informatics director of field marketing and an active online communities commenter on the ChemDraw Magic video, inquiring whether or not there were any job openings for a ChemDraw whiz with a Ph.D relevant to PKI Informatics’ product offerings.

Pierre Morieux, Ph.D

Soon, just one month after the ChemDraw Magic video debuted on the internt, Morieux joined the PerkinElmer Informatics team. “One of the biggest personal dilemmas I faced was deciding whether or not to leave the research bench,” Morieux recalls of his decision to leave hands-on research for a job in application marketing. “But, I realized I wanted to spend more time helping people conduct better research by thinking about big picture ideas, like best practices and most efficient methods and technologies.”

“Now, I realize how my Ph.D background is very valuable in this position,” Morieux said. “Almost everybody has a Ph.D within the Informatics applications specialist team. It makes sense because you are conversing with customers who are scientifically experienced, and you must have a certain level of education to be able to understand what they are studying and how PKI’s informatics solutions can benefit their goals.”

His skill set in research is unique, making Morieux a perfect candidate to interact with PKI Informatics’ customers spanning various scientific disciplines. Morieux completed his combination Ph.D in chemistry and biology by spending half his time completing a traditional organic chemistry program while spending the other half of his time training in protein biology research alongside the supervision of other students and researchers. As a result, he can personally relate to challenges and best practices encountered by researchers across chemical, biological and pharmaceutical industries.

Morieux plans to apply his background to help researchers discover technology they may not already know about. His goal is to allow researchers to maximize the efficiency of informatics solutions to spend less time at the computer analyzing and describing data and instead spend more time at the bench producing data.

For fans of Morieux’s ChemDraw Magic video, which played upon the customizable hotkeys in ChemBioDraw, stay tuned to learn more time-saving ChemDraw skills: Morieux is already at work producing a second ChemDraw Magic video.

The new video will include additional tricks for chemistry users, and will also highlight the new capabilities of the biopolymer tool template, which will be of interest to chemists involved in biochemistry and chemical biology. Biology researchers can also take advantage of ChemBioDraw’s biology template to document protocol and experimental results in an orderly, attractive visual manner.

To watch the official PerkinElmer Informatics “ChemDraw Magic: Draw Viagra in 20 seconds” tutorial video, click here.