ChemBioDraw 13: Best internet tutorial videos Part II

It’s been a few months since November when we shared on our blog the compilation of the best internet tutorial videos for ChemBioDraw. With last week’s launch of the second ChemDraw Magic video created by “ChemDraw Wizard” Pierre Morieux, Ph.D, we decided it was time to pull together some of the great how-to videos that have hit the internet since November.

First and foremost, we of course have to list “ChemDraw Magic 2”. This second video was published after the original “ChemDraw Magic” video was posted in November to widely-received rave reviews by ChemBioDraw users. The video was so well circulated that Morieux is now employed by PerkinElmer Informatics as an applications specialist.

In his second video, “ChemDraw Wizard” Morieux spends time showing off tips and tricks for several new features introduced in the latest version of ChemDraw, ChemBioDraw 13.0. Video viewers learn how to draw peptides and nucleic acids using the new biopolymer tool, as well as learning time-saving shorts cuts such as saving “style sheets” to pre-set document settings and engaging the hotkey for the Marquee tool.

ChemBioDraw users can also reference the latest how-to videos posted in our own tutorial series, “ChemBioDraw 13.0: Step by step”:

Thin Layer Chromatography tool in ChemBioDraw

Struct=Name in ChemBioDraw

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Predicting proton and carbon NMR shifts with ChemBioDraw13

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