Organized creativity: end-to-end research data management

Photo Credit: Alfred Hermida via Compfight cc

Between all the procedural methods, standards for documentation and experimental parameters, it can be difficult to remember that research is intended to be an inherently creative, exploratory and innovative process.

Yet with so many regulatory practices in place to validate and document research data, that creative element can become stifled in the experimental process. Traditional data documentation and analysis software limits scientists to working within data sets instead of across data sets.

The challenge that emerges for scientists is to find software solutions that allow them to work creatively within scientifically-intelligent organizational platforms. While using data reports as the only source of analysis findings prohibits comprehensive findings, dynamic and fluid data visualization platforms engage researchers with data in an intuitive and interactive manner.

Especially for scientists working within large research organizations, the need for organized flexibility is critical to R&D successes. End-to-end integration of advanced informatics solutions allows not only for organized data capture, but also makes this data available and maneuverable through tailored data visualization programs.

By removing barriers to creativity through effective data capture and analysis systems, scientists are enabled to do what they do best: create and discover. Instead of spending hours transcribing, organizing and sorting through traditional paper records, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) technology can give back several hours of weekly productivity to each scientist. That time can be spent in experimentation or engaging in advanced, out-of-the-box analysis using data visualization software that allows for data filtering, manipulation and cross-referencing.

In the end, the goal of facilitating end-to-end comprehensive data solutions is to generate more research and more results. The more efficient it is to record and sift through data, the quicker research can benefit us all as new discoveries give way to new products and therapies entering the marketplace.

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