ELN advantage: patent reporting tool gives inventors an edge over competition


The patent law change made effective in March of this year, switching United States patent acquisition practices from a “first to invent” to a “first to file” system, has resulted in a fundamental change in the way scientists and inventors must approach their research documentation in consideration of patent reporting.

The changed patent law brings United States patent regulations more in line with the rest of the world, resulting in a need for American companies to reassess which ways the use of an electronic laboratory notebook can be most beneficial in terms of experiment documentation.

While emphasis prior to the law change was on capturing timestamps and signatures within experimentss that resulted in novel invention, the newly enacted “first to file” rule means the pressure has switched from proving initial discovery to preparing laborious documentation as quickly as possible.

In the case of the Ensemble® E-Notebook, the functionality to facilitate expedited patent reporting has already been in place as an underlying capability for the last couple of years. While it will require some basic configuration, simple patent reporting tools can help shave a precious number of days off of patent filing preparation. The tools already present within Ensemble are not new, but the concept of using them to speed up patent reporting is. Early adoption of these semi-automated patent reporting tools within ELN will undoubtedly provide an immediate advantage over more traditional patent reporting methods.

After basic configuration, the ELN can be used to quickly and easily create compiled experiment documentation for use within a patent report. In this short tutorial video, Ensemble E-Notebook for Chemistry is used to demonstrate how existing ELN tools can be used to populate and export reports combining chemical synthesis experiments, resulting in a much faster patent reporting process.

If you would like assistance in performing the simple configurations necessary to create a patent reporting tool within your Ensemble E-Notebook, please reach out to our customer support team here.