ChemDraw® for iPad® allows for collaboration beyond the laboratory

It is with great fanfare that the chemical drawing software program ChemDraw, which has provided foundational informatics support for chemical laboratory and academic research for 25 years, has burst onto the mobile market with today’s introduction of ChemDraw® for iPad® and Chem3D® for iPad.

The release of these mobile apps marks a major milestone for the informatics industry. ChemDraw commands the largest number of worldwide users of all chemical drawing programs, and the move to mobile opens the door for rapidly increased discovery and collaboration as researchers easily bridge time zones and geography to work together “on the go”.

ChemDraw for iPad uses novel Flick-To-Share™ technology to allow scientists to work together on structures instantaneously from directly within the mobile app. Developed by the PerkinElmer Informatics software development team, Flick-To-Share engages revolutionary gesture technology to allow team members to “flick” drawings back and forth with other app users with the touch of a finger. Flick-To-Share eliminates the need for multi-step emailing or cloud storage services to enable rapid, dynamic collaboration between researchers, colleagues, instructors and students.

Using the new mobile app for iPad, ChemDraw users can create chemically accurate, publication-quality structures and illustrations anywhere, anytime, with a variety of color and layout choices. Whether users are designing structures or describing reaction mechanisms, colleagues can instantly review and respond to drawings through Flick-To-Share collaboration.

Complementing ChemDraw for iPad, Chem3D for iPad provides an intuitive and interactive way to view high-quality 3D images of chemical and biochemical structures. Also operating with Flick-To-Share capability, scientists can easily share high-resolution, maneuverable images and drawings of DNA, RNA, proteins, assemblies, crystals and small organics using five different viewing modes: ball and stick, wireframe, cartoon, space filling and rocking.

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