Beyond big data: Visualization reveals smart data

Data can both empower and overwhelm scientists. The 3 V’s encapsulate big data challenges: volume, velocity, and variety. Demands for storing data, making data accessible, ensuring high quality of information, and providing the appropriate means to collaborate have made a new science out of pursuing the integration of data and exploration of new tools.

Scientists collect an exorbitant amount of data. Data is now being collected in real time: High sequencing data, high throughput data, high content screening data, imaging data. Effective research requires sophisticated data analysis methods that are capable of managing the increasing complexity of information.

The diversity of the data is a major challenge especially when researchers relate it back to scientifically meaningful results. These types of data span from the fields of genomics and pharmacogenomics to proteomics and screening. Even the simplest of experiments can generate large amounts of data, which require not only appropriate storage but also computational power to tackle multiple databases, file formats, workflows and software tools.

To further complicate the challenge, manipulating and analyzing large data sets requires an appreciation of data exploration that has been identified as a new and important skill.  Not only do scientists require tools for analyzing data, but the tools need to be flexible enough to accommodate scientists' evolving needs.

Data visualization emerging as the new standard for powerful analytics

TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization software enables discovery, analysis and reporting. The TIBCO Spotfire software platform’s dimension-free data exploration capabilities enable scientists to interactively visualize data without requiring predefined dimensions or constraints.  The in-memory data engine and data-on-demand capability uniquely enable users to dynamically filter and drill down to micro-level details. Data mashup permits researchers to combine different sources of data without custom scripting and to dynamically insert tables, rows, and columns into a single visual analysis without IT support.

Collaboration and sharing capabilities through the Library or Webplayer allow researchers to instantly capture and securely share moments of insight across internal and external teams to drive collaborative decisions. Lastly, the TIBCO Spotfire software platform’s performance and scalability, coupled with PerkinElmer’s expertise and focus on life sciences, help find solutions tailored specifically to the needs of researchers.

The TIBCO Spotfire software platform provides enterprises with a powerful yet easy-to-use environment where flexible data visualization tools allow users to interact freely with their information. Not only can they easily see their data in a variety of visualizations, they can query it and see results immediately. Where other analytic and intelligence applications require significant time or expertise to customize reports and queries, the TIBCO Spotfire platform allows even novice users to ask and answer any question quickly. This capability, along with the insights gained through data visualization; make it an important tool for operational managers and other decision-makers who rely on information to make decisions very quickly. And it can be used with any information source— theTIBCO Spotfire platform easily imports and integrates information from diverse sources throughout the enterprise.

The platform’s interactive, visual capabilities for data analysis empower individuals to easily see trends, patterns outliers and unanticipated relationships in data with unprecedented speed and adaptability, such as the ability to:

    - Access corporate and local data sources and spreadsheets

    - Analyze and explore data with intuitive, interactive visualizations

    - Capture and collaborate around analysis workflows

    - Distribute analyses to colleagues

Beyond the obvious issues around scalability and reproducibility, science is all about coming up with questions we never thought to ask, finding new things to explore, and getting new insights out of our data. Starting out from known unknowns and discovering the unknown unknowns which lead to new discoveries, new sciences and new solutions. The partnership between TIBCO Software and PerkinElmer Informatics will focus on innovative, new ways of interacting with complex scientific data.

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