User Group Meeting “Sneak Peek”: Advancing translational research, high content imaging and screening, mobile applications for science

Next week’s 2013 User Group Meeting in Waltham, Mass., will set the stage for scientists to learn about and hear proof cases on the most advanced informatics software available to the scientific market.

The two-day conference, to be held Tuesday –Wednesday, October 1-2, will focus on how informatics can be applied to create end-to-end workflow solutions that benefit laboratory operations and processes. On Day 1, themed “End to End Solutions”, emphasis will be placed on how scientists can move past the era of silo-ed scientific informatics with integrated, holistic software solutions. Day 2, themed, “Every step of the process, every person involved” will feature presentation tracks that focus on users, applications and solutions.

Key highlights will include:

High Content Imaging for Drug Discovery Against Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases, presented by Gianluca Pegoraro, Integrated Toxicology Division, United State Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Gianluca will present how the Integrated Toxicology Division uses High-Content Imaging to discover and characterize novel small molecules capable of inhibiting the replication of multiple viral pathogens.

Advancing Translational Research with Web-Portal Analytics, presented by Adam Asare, Immune Tolerance Network.

Adam will demonstrate that the use of web-portal analytics combined with powerful data visualization software serves as a potential paradigm shift in how clinical trials translational research is performed.

Integration of ChemDraw® for iPad® in the Organic Chemistry Classroom, by Layne Morsch, University of Illinois-Springfield.

Layne will share how his organic chemistry classroom experienced an obvious increase in class participation and in students’ engagement with the  curriculum material as a result of implementing ChemDraw for iPad as a learning tool.

The User Group Meeting kicks off next week – sign up today to reserve your spot to hear from 25 speakers on real-life applications and advantages of advanced scientific informatics. Register now by clicking here.