E-Notebook 2014, extended TIBCO Spotfire® deal announced at 2013 UGM

Clive Higgins, PKI VP of Marketing, Informatics, kicks off the 2013 User Group Meeting with product announcements

BOSTON, Mass. - The PerkinElmer Informatics 2013 User Group Meeting kicked off at 9:30am EST in Waltham, Mass., with the launch of PKI Informatics' newest electronic laboratory notebook version, E-Notebook 2014. In addition, it was announced that PKI Informatics has extended its strategic partnership agreement with TIBCO Software Inc. to offer the TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization software platform to Clinical and Translational/Personal medicine markets.

The announcements were delivered to a global informatics community during the User Group Meeting’s opening talk, given by PKI Vice President of Marketing, Clive Higgins, to an audience of over 200 conference attendees representing 130 organizations from 16 countries. Clive’s presentation, titled “A Year of Transformation”, discussed the sense of momentum felt across the informatics industry, and especially amongst the PKI Informatics team.

The world bioinformatics market will exceed $7.5 billion by 2017, up from less than $2.5 billion in 2011, Clive noted. The important thing, he urged, is that we remember to look at informatics in the context of improving human health.

Informatics plays many roles in the process of progressing global health and medicine, such as accelerating and protecting the discovery process, fostering collaboration, and increasing efficiencies, Clive said. “Our portfolio of informatics solutions spans from personal scientific applications through to data creation, acquisition, storage, management and analytics.”

Improving informatics

The new ELN version, E-Notebook 2014, has a range of improvements that include full integration with Inventory and Registration, canned protocols for numerous biological applications, drastically increased processing speed especially in search functions, and comes as a radically improved upgrade process that greatly reduces the time and cost of upgrading.

The expanded offering of the TIBCO Spotfire software platform comes one year after PKI Informatics first signed an exclusive deal with TIBCO Software to represent Spotfire in the Research market. Over the last 12 months, the Informatics team has invested in developing add-on applications like Lead Discovery and Datalytix, and to create modules that handle Omics and High Content Screening.

Today, the extended partnership allows PKI Informatics to offer TIBCO Spotfire not only to the Research market but also to Clinical and Translational/Personal medicine markets. Additional add-ons will be developed for TIBCO Spotfire that will merge Clinical data with Omics research data coming directly from clinical patients.

“There is tremendous market need for this, and Spotfire is the perfect platform on which to blend this data together,” Clive said. “A key aspect to the extension goes beyond traditional clinical applications to the emerging fields of Translational and Personal medicine.”

Working with a partner, PKI Informatics has already created an application tracking physical clinical samples, routing them for research and then merging together the clinical data with the subsequently gathered Omics research data, which allows for the segmentation of clinical populations based on genotypic and phenotypic research data.

Conference attendees and PKI Informatics team members will celebrate today’s news with a cocktail hour and launch party held this evening, immediately following today’s scheduled presentations at the Westin Boston in Waltham, Mass.