Apple's new iPad Air: Run iOS 7-optimized ChemDraw and Chem3D on faster, lighter iPad

Apple’s latest iPad® design, iPad Air®, will be going on sale Friday, November 1, and is boasting many improved features packaged within a sleeker, lighter design.

Wi-Fi users will see a noticeable increase in internet speed and connectivity thanks to iPad Air’s improved wireless technology and the addition of a second internal antenna.

At one pound, the new iPad Air weighs in at almost a third lighter than its predecessor, and is only five ounces heavier than the newest iPad mini. The 9.7 inch glass screen is backed in aluminum, but still results in a thickness that is just .29 inches. The dimensions of the iPad Air make it the lightest full-size tablet available on the market.

In addition to being the lightest tablet, the iPad Air maintains a huge lead over its competitors in terms of the number of available tablet apps, closing in on half a million with 475,000 available apps.

For scientists who use the ChemDraw® for iPad and Chem3D® for iPad apps, users can expect seamless integration with the new iOS 7 operating system thanks to updates in the latest 2.0 version releases, which can be found in the App Store.

While the apps are now updated to run iOS 7 on all iPad devices, the Air’s touch screen optimization software and services will make it easier to manipulate and create content. The Air’s faster processing and wireless speeds mean that ChemDraw and Chem3D's Flick-To-Share™ collaboration tools will enable users to communicate even faster with the flick of a finger.

The latest versions of the apps utilize Flick-To-Share to allow users to share work in numerous new ways, including social media. Screenshots can now be shared directly via Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, email, Moxtra and Camera Roll. Chem3D even has the ability to communicate directly to a 3D printer to allow for the fabrication of three-dimensional structures.

Recent international versions of the chemical drawing and structure viewing apps have also been released. ChemDraw for iPad and Chem3D for iPad are now available to Chinese, Japanese and Korean users in their native languages.

Download ChemDraw for iPad ($9.99) and free Chem3D for iPad now!