SciFinder® to be integrated into ChemBioDraw software in 2014


The end of 2013 has brought about a big announcement for PerkinElmer Informatics to share with the scientific community. The Informatics team is excited to disclose that it will be partnering with the world’s leading authority for chemical informatics and a division of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS), to incorporate SciFinder® into the ChemBioDraw software platform.

The CAS team’s sole mission is to locate and curate a collection of every publicly-disclosed chemical substance in the world, making its collection of chemical information the most comprehensive globally. The CAS’ SciFinder tool allows scientists to search for substances, reactions, patents, and journal references with powerful filtering and analysis functions.

ChemBioDraw is the drawing tool used by scientists and students to create publication-ready drawings that allow for research and chemical structure information to be quickly and clearly communicated with colleagues and peers.

Now, beginning in early 2014, the SciFinder solution will be incorporated directly into the ChemBioDraw software platform, streamlining workflow and input for scientists. Instead of going outside of ChemBioDraw to use SciFinder, users can initiate a search for references, substances or reactions inside ChemBioDraw.

With ChemBioDraw software already in use across a wide base of users, integrating SciFinder into the software will allow users to access a more comprehensive collection of chemical information in a more efficient workflow process.

Read the official media alert announcing the partnership between PerkinElmer Informatics and Chemical Abstracts Services by clicking here.