Scientific Showcase: San Jose event to highlight industry applications of Spotfire

Photo Credit: Matteo Bagnoli via Compfight cc


We’re excited to be presenting a Scientific Showcase of how members of the scientific community have been putting the TIBCO Spotfire® visualization and analysis platform to work, discovering more insights and making better decisions in areas such as translational medicine, high content screening, clinical research, gene expression, chemistry and SAR analyses.

The Scientific Showcase will be part of our May 6 all-day Spotfire Day event, to be held in San Jose, California. In addition to the showcase, PerkinElmer Informatics and Spotfire experts will also be presenting strategies and case studies for how data visualization helps analyze and share research.

Showcase presentations will include the following:

Five Prime Therapeutics: A Fully Integrated Informatics Platform for Biologics Based High Throughput Screening

Presenter John Lin, Senior Software Engineer at Five Prime Therapeutics, will present an integrated system for managing informatics workflows and biologics-based screening for high throughput screening campaigns. High throughput screening is a key tool used to help identify lead molecules and targets during drug discovery processes. Lin will discuss how an integrated system, which includes plate management and logistics, assay registration, raw data capture and Spotfire data visualization, analysis and reporting, allows users to quickly turn raw data into scientific knowledge and decisions.

Amgen: Using Spotfire with High Content Imaging in Discovery Research: Quality Control, Data Mining, and Hit Review

With biopharmaceutical companies frequently performing large-scale high content screening efforts to identify genes or pathways that can be manipulated to impact disease progression, researchers need to exercise measures of quality control to make sure that large datasets comprising images and numerical descriptors are resulting in true results, and not results generated from imaging artifacts. Presenter Dr. Christopher Hale, discovery technology scientist at Amgen, will show how the Spotfire platform allows researchers to perform quality control analysis, visualize a more comprehensive view of a gene’s biological function, streamline hit selection, and validate selected phenotypes with rapid image retrieval.

Cytokinetics: Seeing is Believing – “Big Data” Management and Analysis

By using several examples of how data visualization tools can perform quality control and troubleshooting analysis rapidly and efficiently, presenter Dr. Julia Schaletzky, Senior Group Leader at Cytokinetics, will discuss how her group has made the Spotfire platform an integral part of its workflow. Data visualization allows for effective management and analysis of weekly lead optimization assays and for processing hits from large primary screenings.

Merck: An Enhanced Electronic Laboratory Notebook Integrated with Spotfire to Support Biologics Research and Development at Multiple Levels

Merck has transitioned its use of electronic laboratory notebooks from simply being a paper replacement to becoming an integrated platform that provides structure to data and results, carries out LIMS-like capabilities, and enables high-powered search and analytics functions and queries. Presenter Charlie Chang, Business and Technical Analyst at Merck Research Lab IT, will share how Merck is supporting its biologics research and development by leveraging the Spotfire analysis platform to assist in data visualization and aggregation.

It’s not too late to join us on May 6! If you’re interested in attending our complimentary Spotfire Day in San Jose, California, please click here to register.