Agricultural data visualization: Managing crop production through Spotfire®

Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc

TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization software isn’t just useful to chemists and biologists – it has a wide range of applications including QA/QC and productivity analysis.

For the agricultural industry, TIBCO Spotfire visualizations can help reveal important trends that effect changes to crop production and yields.  Spotfire allows many different variables such as environmental factors, geographic location yield percentage, types of products, seed care data, and insect control information to be brought together in a single platform and analyzed through intuitive visualizations.

For agricultural companies that operate in locations all over the world, Spotfire allows for everyone to access shared data in a single platform, promoting communications throughout the company and allowing coordinators and employees to be involved in the company’s goals.

Especially for companies that have many field-based employees, being able to look at comprehensive, shared-access project progress could be of great value. It would, for example, be much easier to quickly see where and how many acres are the most productive in a certain region, allowing for crop yields to be better understood and managed.

With projections estimating that crop production needs to double in the next decade to keep up with rising demands for food, agricultural productivity is more important than ever. Take a look at this demo we’ve put together – the dashboard was created to analyze corn production. It’s a great example of just how much agricultural insight can be unlocked through the power of data visualization.