PerkinElmer Informatics at Booth #1316 at Fall ACS - San Francisco

PerkinElmer is excited to be a part of the Fall 2014 American Chemical Society (ACS) Conference in San Francisco from August 10-14.  PerkinElmer has 2 booths across from each other (#1316 & #1317), and 8 total talks, with 3 of the talks in the field of informatics. 


PerkinElmer will showcase 4 informatics products, that all have ChemDraw® embedded in them for easy chemical structure and reaction drawing.The 4 products are:

  1. ChemDraw version 14 with a direct link to Scifinder®
  2. Elements, the new cloud-based electronic lab notebook
  3. TIBCO Spotfire® for Lead Discovery for chemists
  4. PerkinElmer thick-client electronic lab notebook (E-Notebook).



-ChemDraw version 14, now with a direct link to SciFinder and ChemDraw for iPad®

In May, PerkinElmer launched ChemBioOffice® version 14, an integrated suite of personal productivity tools that enables chemists and biologists to capture, store, retrieve, and share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials, and their properties. ChemBioDraw now has a direct link to SciFinder®, which allows scientists to launch a literature search within the application, without time-consuming cutting and pasting of structures between different chemical and drawing tools.


ChemDraw® for iPad® provides all of the tools that scientists need to capture and share chemical inspiration and innovation- whenever and wherever. Scientists can quickly sketch a new scaffold, a synthetic pathway, or a compound, and share them with colleagues. ChemDraw for iPad features the revolutionary Flick-To-Share technology so that researchers, students, and teachers can immediately use their finger to “flick” chemical drawings to other iPad users within their network and receive modified structures back.


  • ACS TALK #378Technology will challenge the existing paradigm for teaching organic chemistry; 3-D printing, tablets, & gamification in Boston University’s Spring CH212.” Learn more about ChemDraw version 14 on August 12 at 11:35 AM in the Moscone Center North Building, Room 122. 



-Elements: a new Cloud-based electronic lab notebook from PerkinElmer

Elements is a zero-install, cloud-based electronic lab notebook delivered through a web browser that empowers scientists to easily capture scientific data, collaborate with colleagues, and search results and observations easily.  Elements has a modern user interface, is cost-effective, and has ChemDraw embedded for drawing chemical structures and calculating stoichiometry.


  • ACS TALK #412 Using a scientific collaboration platform, Elements, in teaching organic chemistry.” Learn more about our cloud-based electronic lab notebook Elements on August 12 at 3:05PM at the Moscone Center North Building, Room 122.  Dr. Layne Morsch from The University of Illinois Springfield will outline the university’s experience with Elements, as his students have been using Elements in his undergraduate organic chemistry lab for the past few months.



-TIBCO Spotfire® for Lead Discovery for Chemists

Chemists are continually asked to evaluate an increasing number of parameters that include chemical properties, biological assays and ADME results. TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery software provides chemists with the capability to visualize their compound structures, and then group related compounds and associate compound structures to biological activity.  Medicinal chemists can investigate structure activity relationships (SAR) and explore the available compound library, searching by structures chosen from visualizations of available data or structure searches. Computational chemists can visualize and explore chemical scaffolds and compound library motifs in order to improve the design of compound libraries. ChemDraw is embedded in TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery.


  • ACS TALK # 10 Structuring the unstructured: Creating knowledge through visual analytics and the use of TIBCO Spotfire with Attivio for text analytics of scientific patents.” Learn more about TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery on August 10 at 11:35 AM at the Palace Hotel in the Presidio Room



-PerkinElmer E-Notebook for Chemistry

E-Notebook for Chemistry meets the needs of research chemists in all industries, enhancing personal productivity and improving data quality, while also protecting intellectual property and creating a sharable archive to foster collaboration and innovation. ChemBioDraw is embedded in the E-Notebook, which enables chemists to draw reactions and have the E-Notebook automatically calculate specific values.


  • Learn about all of these products at Booth #1316 at ACS.

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