PerkinElmer Signals™ for Screening: Uniting High-Content Screens & Target-Based Assays

One Comprehensive Platform for High-Throughput and Phenotypic Screening Data.

High Content Screening Data Analysis Challenges

For pharma drug discovery, combining HCS with HTS is fast becoming the norm. But with the tremendous volume of data these methodologies produce, combining the two into a single platform has faced significant challenges, ranging from technical resources (a single phenotypic screen, for example, can produce a few terabytes of high resolution images), and siloed data (one of the greatest challenges facing the big data/data analytics industry today), to performance issues (pharma phenotypic screening campaigns require an image analysis time of 3+ months to process 500,000 compounds). Availability of IT resources is also challenging for scientists as on-site/custom data analytics solutions need support and maintenance. Smaller IT teams mean fewer resources to support the growing demands of scientists.

Researchers need tools which enable discovery of highly-characterized and higher potential drug candidates from phenotypic screening campaigns. They want to improve the quality of the downstream decision making, and empower collaboration & distributed research within and across organizations. Equally as important, they want (and need) a unified software interface for all screening instrumentation, and a lower total spend.

Signals™ for Screening:  Breaking Old Ground?

We recently released a video on Signals™ for Screening, PerkinElmer’s new single platform which unites high-content screens with target-based assays. 

As an industry leader in this space, Signals™ for Screening represents another step in PerkinElmer’s efforts to support pharma and biotech R&D with the latest tools and technologies. 

The video demonstrates the platform’s ability to analyze the results of high content screens quickly and easily, allowing High Throughput Screening (HTS) & High-Content Screening (HCS) analysis groups and core labs to identify promising candidates faster.   

Signals™ for Screening may be a new product, but it has been built by scientists and domain experts with decades of experience in imaging, screening, informatics and cloud technologies. It is the only platform to unite HTS and phenotypic data, and enables researchers to integrate, search, retrieve, and manage data from anywhere, inside or outside the firewall. This fosters collaboration, increases efficiencies, and enables faster processing of ever-larger volumes of compounds. 

Watch the 2 minute PerkinElmer Signals™ for Screening video here.