Wishes Can Come True: The ChemDraw Innovation Challenge Starts Now!

The PerkinElmer ChemDraw Innovation Challenge 

If you’ve ever said, “If only it could…” while using ChemDraw, here is your chance! Dust off your old ideas or dream up fresh ones - because the first-ever ChemDraw Innovation Challenge starts now. 

We’re inviting ChemDraw’s more than 1 million users to think about how the chemical drawing platform might help you do your science just that much better.

No Idea is Too Small … or Too Big

No idea is too small, incremental, radical or disruptive. As a community of users and chemists doing a wide range of work, you have no doubt reached a limit, or thought of a way we could better support you in your use of ChemDraw and the  family of ChemDraw solutions including Chem3D, ChemDraw Cloud, ChemDraw for Excel, ChemFinder, and our new PerkinElmer Signals for ChemDraw

Do you wish ChemDraw:

Would become the Google Docs of collaborative chemistry?

Could support Biomolecular HELM Notation?

Offered support for a specific plug-in?

Whatever your notion or idea, we want to hear about it!  

Join the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge now!

How Do I Submit My Idea?

We’re using the Spigit innovation management platform to crowdsource ideas and foster collaboration among participants. 

How the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge Works

The process follows a flow of IDEAS:

I = identify the opportunity and the target audience (i.e., ChemDraw users)

D = develop a plan, design experience, and power platform

E = engage the crowd, collaborate and discuss, and build upon ideas that are graduated to the next level

A = analyze those ideas, score and rank them, prioritize them

S = select and review winning ideas, communicate the results, recognize and reward the winners, and implement the innovative ideas

During the submission phase, we’ll welcome new ideas and open up those ideas to other Challenge participants to comment and provide feedback. Spigit creates a dialogue by informing those on the thread of new comments. Challenge participants will also be invited to vote for their favorite ideas.

As ideas are generated, they will automatically be awarded points based on the number of votes, views, and comments. Those receiving the most votes will proceed to the next round.

The ChemDraw Community Drives Improvements

This “emerging ideas” round relies on more input and feedback from our ChemDraw Innovation Challenge community – what thoughts do you have to improve the innovations that have progressed this far? Based on your experiences and your needs, what can you contribute that adds value to these ideas? 

This round is also automatically scored based on the number of votes, views, and comments – and the finalists here are then evaluated by our team of PerkinElmer ChemDraw experts. 

These experts are assigned to review the proposed innovations based on their experience with the type of idea – is it a feature/function, or related to service, workflow, integration, etc.? Each of the ideas will be given a score of 1 to 5 by experts & those with an avarage rating of 3.5 will proceed to the Pairwise ROund where again the community will vote on the best of best.

ChemDraw Innovation Winner Selection

The winners of this exhaustive, crowdsourced effort will be selected by the Expert Review Panel, and will be acknowledged by PerkinElmer and the ChemDraw community. All ChemDraw users will be winners as ChemDraw – now in its 32nd year – benefits from an influx of innovation that helps us all achieve greater heights with our chemistry, and stronger bonds within our ChemDraw community.

Join the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge Today!

Revisit your “if only” wish list for ChemDraw, dust off those glimmers of ideas, and join the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge. Your idea, whether incremental or radical, just might emerge as a winner.

Comments (5) -

  • Staubitz

    3/28/2017 2:13:44 AM |

    Dear Chem Draw Developers,

    can you please write something about intellectual property rights? Innovation costs money and I cannot see anywhere that the inventors will receive any emolument for their creative thoughts and work. An acknowledgement would not be enough for me to join in; after all, Chem Draw is hugely expensive even for academics, so you must be making a lot of money with this programme.
    I sincerely hope that this has merely been an omission in the advert and not an attempt at exploitation.
    Best wishes,
    Anne Staubitz

  • Dr. Chirag Naik

    3/28/2017 4:27:29 AM |

    For betterment of this software can we include DEPT & APT in NMR.

  • Mary Donlan

    3/30/2017 1:34:41 PM |

    The IP is covered in the terms & conditions for the Challenge.  Our aim here is to listen to the ChemDraw Community & prioritize the ideas of the customers & definitely not an attempt at exploitation in the least.  In today's world crowdsourcing & innovation go hand & hand--hope you will consider joining.  I am also happy to discuss any pricing concerns you may have--please feel free to contact me directly

  • Suman Layek

    4/4/2017 12:22:58 AM |

    Can we have a working system where Chemdraw will be able to recognize structures in a PDF and convert to cdxml on the fly?