ChemDraw® - Because Chemistry Happens Everywhere

Wondering what’s new in ChemDraw®? Watch this short 1-minute video highlighting both the portability and new capabilities of PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw® - now in its 30th year. 

Accelerating Chemistry Research

With the latest release of ChemDraw®, new features have been integrated to help accelerate research. ChemDraw® is also now available with new bundle options which pair its chemical drawing package with PerkinElmer’s chemically-intelligent database, 3D modeling and data analysis package, visualization tools and an integrated ELN solution.  

Same Comfortable System – But Better

And while ChemDraw® offers researchers even more power and capabilities, it remains the same leading program for creating publication-ready drawings effortlessly. 

With over 1 million users, ChemDraw® is still the only tool you need to draw, store, analyze and share chemical structures and reactions—quickly and accurately.

The New Global Lab Bench

Among the latest features is the ability to “ChemDraw® anywhere,” freeing chemists from the lab bench and allowing them to take their research with them, wherever they happen to be. Let’s face it: chemistry is everywhere…and now ChemDraw® is, too. 

Welcome to the Cloud

Among the new additions to the ChemDraw® suite is ChemDraw® Cloud. Using ChemDraw® Cloud and PerkinElmer Signals Notebook for ChemDraw®, scientists can access their work through any web browser. With your favorite drawing features available via mobile – alongside the ability to share chemical drawings with a single click – chemists can transform their favorite park bench into a lab bench effortlessly!

ChemDraw® Cloud requires no software installation. All editing, viewing and document management is done via web browser – whether by laptop, tablet or mobile device. With an internet connection, users are able to access ChemDraw® documents from any computer, anywhere. To ensure peace of mind, the documents are stored, encrypted, and backed-up on secure ChemDraw® Cloud servers.

Even More ChemDraw® Platform Support

The latest version of ChemDraw® expands Mac platform support, operating up to 6x faster than previous versions and delivering an improved UI along with numerous other features. Windows support has also been expanded, and now includes Microsoft® Office 2016 support on Windows - including Windows 10. 

ant to learn more about the world’s most popular chemical drawing platform? Watch the ChemDraw video, or start a free ChemDraw trial today.