A Global Collaborative ELN: Signals Notebook

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The ELN Evolves to Scientific Research Data Management & Decision Support

While ELNs were initially introduced primarily for IP compliance purposes, the benefits of electronic lab notebooks have extended & embraced global collaboration and workflow support. 

Today, ELN systems are positioned to manage substantial portions of R&D data in a research organization. It’s a significant shift, and it means that a properly developed & implemented ELN can play a fundamental role in decision support. 

Expanding Role of Today’s Lab Notebook Integral to Decision-Making Process

Michael Swartz, VP of Business Development at PerkinElmer Informatics recently commented in the May issue of Lab Manager’s Informatics Resource Guide

“A key objective of our approach is to provide functionality that first, is very adaptable to different research purposes, and secondly, makes it natural for scientists to structure their data in the course of their work. This enables the data in an ELN to be easily transferred to an analytics platform where researchers can decide what to do next. Enabling this natural transition from collaboration and workflow to decision support is probably the most important requirement for ELN’s today.”

This workflow represents a fundamental transformation from ELN systems in the past which served more like document repositories. Such systems - while searchable - did not structure the data to enable decision-making and analytics. 

The world of science is changing faster than ever, and scientists need an electronic lab notebook with the power and flexibility to change with it.

PerkinElmer’s new Signals Notebook web-based ELN  also delivers an effective scientific research data management solution. Write up your research data in notebooks and experiments, then drag & drop, store, organize, share, find and filter data with ease. All scientific data is electronically recorded and stored, making it simple to be more effective, reproducible, and accurate in your scientific endeavors.

It’s Not a Notebook…It’s a Place.

Signals Notebook is a centralized, secure web-based ecosystem that allows your team access anytime - from anywhere. It’s a place where people, ideas and data come together to collaborate, seamlessly share data and discover crucial insights. 

Signals Notebook is More Than an ELN

As mentioned above, ELNs are nothing new. In fact, PerkinElmer has been an industry leader in the space for years. But Signals Notebook reinvents the ELN for today’s science…and beyond. 

We’ve incorporated the market-leading chemical drawing platform, ChemDraw® – available without any additional install. We’ve also fully-integrated Signals Notebook with Microsoft Office® & Microsoft Office® Online. You can now effortlessly create or attach your Office documents with your experiments and update them.

Signals Notebook – The Global ELN for a Collaborative Scientific World

Connecting & sharing with colleagues and collaborators around the world has never been easier. Signals Notebook lets you start discussions, provide feedback, coordinate follow-on experiments, and stay in sync…anywhere, and anytime.

Scientific “Eureka” Moments Happen Faster Than Ever Before

With the support of PerkinElmer, you can be up and running in minutes! There is no software to install, since the platform is 100% web-based. With no downloads needed, no hardware to buy, and no IT assets to maintain, Signals Notebook provides immediate Return on Investment (ROI) for budget-minded science teams.

Achieve meaningful scientific breakthroughs with PerkinElmer Signals Notebook.  Learn more about PerkinElmer’s powerful new web based ELN - Signals Notebook.