ChemDraw 17 - Chemistry at the Pace of Now

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Over the last 30 years, science has evolved rapidly…and so has ChemDraw®. 

With ChemDraw® 17’s updated features and benefits, the latest version of the world’s top chemistry drawing program keeps you right where you need to be – at the cutting edge of science. ChemDraw® 17 features all of the functionality of ChemDraw® 16 plus a number of innovative features to further accelerate your research.

Trusted by more than one million users, ChemDraw® is the preferred platform of chemists and biochemists to draw, store, analyze and share chemical structures and reactions. 

Introducing Hotkeys – Complex Chemistry at a Keystroke

Among our new features is Hotkeys, placing the most complex chemical drawings just a few keystrokes away. Whether it’s a huge biomolecule or a complex reaction scheme, Hotkeys make it easier and faster than ever to draw complex chemical structures. 

If biochemistry is your focus, we’ve got great news for you in ChemDraw® 17!  We’ve added HELM notations to keep pace with the progression of biomolecular science. HELM (the Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) is Pistoia Alliance’s emerging global standard for representing and sharing large biomolecules


Integrated HELM Notation 
& Metadata Tagging

HELM notation is now fully integrated, so you can easily and quickly share your research with the world.

With Metadata tagging, it’s simple to add defined or ad hoc metadata to your document. ChemDraw® provides an easy, intuitive way to mark up your documents to enforce corporate standards or add additional criteria to enable search & recover.

ChemDraw® 17 also supports the latest in standards Compliance. Data elements and structures are uniquely identified in accordance with the most current standards to keep pace with evolving regulatory and quality requirements

Chemistry at the Pace of Now. 

These are just a few of the new additions to ChemDraw®’s suite of features that over a million users trust every day to quickly & accurately draw, store, analyze and share their chemistry – whether they are in the lab or working in the cloud. Learn how to enjoy chemistry at the cutting edge. 

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