ChemDraw Video: How to Use ChemDraw Without a Mouse

Taking the Pain out of Chemistry Drawing

Every scientist is keenly aware that time equates to money in scientific discovery. Increasing productivity means keeping up with the latest tools that allow more time for actual research to take place. 

In response to helping scientists increase their productivity— and after more than 30 years of honing our chemical drawing expertise thanks in large part to our very passionate customers— we decided that it was time to draw simple things more simply. With that, we invite you to take a tour of the latest features in ChemDraw® with our ChemDraw Wizard, Pierre Morieux.  

Enjoy the Tour:  How to Use ChemDraw Without a Mouse

Throughout the video, you’ll be in a mouse-free zone learning how to create molecules amazingly fast with hotkeys that only require the arrows on your keyboard. Consider this: with ChemDraw, you can insert a carbonyl group with the simple keystroke “2”. What’s more, with the new hotkeys, you can continue typing without touching your mouse once. An amide bond then simply becomes “2,n,1”. 

Enhanced hotkeys make drawing complex molecules much easier.

Time-saving Tools at Your Fingertips

Are biomolecules your area? You’ll learn about the new HELM tool bar to more easily define custom biopolymers. Looking for a faster way to process NMR and MS spectra? Mnova ChemDraw Edition is the ideal fit.  Ready for a new lab notebook?  Modernize with Signals™ Notebook Individual Edition, our new cloud-based ELN that helps you capture, manage and share your chemistry research data quickly and confidently. 

Developing, Storing, Sharing Chemical Data Just Got Easier

Many scientists consider the ability to easily develop, store and share chemical and molecular data from their research just as important as the science itself.  We surely agree, and hope you’ll agree following the demo that ChemDraw, the new hotkeys, and our other productivity-boosting features make your research that much easier.