10 Tricks to Advance your Science with Signals Notebook

Your Science, Instantly Available Always Collaborative

Built by scientists for scientists, it moves you from paper to the cloud with no looking back. 

We have gathered the top 10 Tips & Tricks to help you instantly author and manage notebooks and experiments, collaborate with colleagues across the globe, store, organize, share, find and filter data with chemical ease. 

1. Quickly personalize your experiment by changing content and page names

2. Drag and drop content to reorganize your experiment

3. You can copy/paste from/to ChemDraw!

4. You can add a structure from a CAS RN

5. Stoichiometry or no stoichiometry? You decide

6. Define your own chemicals and their nicknames

7. Define and manage your own text templates

8. Annotate (and retrieve) your images

9. Edit the pictures you upload

10. Autotext! The best thing ever

Bonus Tip! 

Search for text, including inside attached documents